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Restoring Balance Through The Sense Of Touch Open the site

Therapeutic Massage, Lymphatic drainage, Reiki, Maternity Massage, Skincare: Vitamin C facial, Organic Facial
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Open the site

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Simply Massage Open the site

For a complete menu of services, please visit our full site at
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Conniesclassictouch Open the site

Connie has 20 years experience providing, deep tissue massage, and certified and experienced in providing manual lymphatic drainage, advanced bandaging for edema, cupping massage and oncology massage. She has also been trained and is experienced using the following techniques: Structural Integration, Neuro Kinetic Therapy and Dolphin Neurostem. She also uses Active Isolated Stretching as part of her treatments as well, along with ice and heat.
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Live Your Health Inside & Out Open the site

Oncology Massage, Manual Lymph Drainage, PTSD Bodywork, Maternity Massage, Relaxation, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point, Dynamic & Stationary Cupping, Gua Sha