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Orthopedic Massage & Structural Integration Open the site

Fantastic Orthopedic & Structural Massage Classes in Pensacola: FSMTA MEMBERS GET $20.00 DISCOUNT For Structural Integration class on May 19, 2018 GET YOUR CLIENTS PAIN-FREE in Marty Klein's ORTHOPEDIC MASSAGE and Structural Integration Classes Structural Integration - Front Line (Only 12 seats available) May 19, 2018 Saturday $115.00 & 8 CE Hrs. ($95.00 FSMTA members-Mention this ad Location: Fortis Institute, Pensacola Empower your massage with easy to learn myofascial techniques pioneered by Ida Rolf & popularized by Tom Myers. You Will Learn Techniques to increase freedom of movement by enhancing joint range of motion, balancing soft tissues, reducing adhesions. You Will Learn critical thinking skills and develop new methods working with your clients You will Learn Postural assessments, AIS & PNF stretching Your clients will come back for more !! To Register: Go to or call 850.437.9192 _______________________________________ Orthopedic Massage for Low Back & Hip Pain June 16 & 17 2018 $165.00 12 CE Hours (Only 12 seats available) Learn the essential muscles to treat for sciatica, sacral pain, ITB friction syndrome and pelvic imbalances Learn functional & postural assessments to identify primary causes of soft tissue pain Trigger point therapy, myofascia release & stretching make this a dynamic class Learn Capsular release of the hip (pioneered by James Waslaski) and Cupping will also be demonstrated To Register: Go to or call 850.437.9192 ______________________________________________ Orthopedic Massage for Shoulder & Arm Pain July 21 & 22 $165 12 CE Hours (Only 12 seats available) LEARN: To identify & treat chronic rotator cuff injuries, impingement, pectoralis minor and thoracic outlet syndromes LEARN: The causes & proper treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome LEARN: Easy orthopedic assessments & nerve flossing techniques LEARN: Active Isolated & PNF Stretching LEARN: A thorough treatment for 17 different muscles with myofascial release & trigger point therapy To register: Go to or call 850.437.9192
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Your needs become my kneads Open the site

No one can avoid all stress, but you can counteract the negative effects. Research has shown that the relaxation response also increases energy and focus, combats illness, relieves aches and pains, heightens problem-solving abilities, and boosts motivation and productivity. A relaxation massage is an effective way to reduce stress and increase circulation. If you feel this is for you, perhaps we should chat more. Call me and set up an appointment.
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Stacy Saylor, LMT Open the site

Specializing in Structural Energetic Therapy, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage, MediCupping, Acupressure, and Chinese Massage (ie. Tui Na and Gua sha) in Sarasota, Manatee, and Hillsborough Counties
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